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Worried to travel to Hawaii? No need, travel agencies say

Worried to travel to Hawaii? No need, travel agencies say Chad Cotter of St. Joseph’s TotallyTrips branch just returned from his 22nd trip to Hawaii and said the eruption of volcano Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island only affects a very small area. Cotter said he didn’t see any ashes or lava on his trip. Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been erupting since May 3, and thousands of residents have been evacuated. The eruption only affects the Puna district on the Big Island’s southeastern corner, a mostly residential area on one of Hawaii’s many islands, but the state is still recording a drop in tourism as many travelers are concerned about possible dangers. For the Island of Hawaii, whose population heavily relies on the tourism sector, this poses a serious problem. Wendy Eidmann, owner of Round Tuit Travel, cautions travelers against unfounded panic. “I don’t think people should be overly concerned about the volcano activity that’s occurring right now on the big island of Hawaii,” Eidmann said. “There are spots to stay out of and that have been evacuated but there are many other spots on that island that are business as usual.” Chad Cotter, general manager of St.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.newspressnow.com/news/local_news/worried-to-travel-to-hawaii-no-need-travel-agencies-say/article_837cc37b-b114-5c14-809e-6de7893d71fa.html

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He too has been released on bail. The police have not formally named either of the two suspects. However, sources have told the Post the woman is Philippine national and long-time Hong Kong resident Ester Ylagan, co-owner of the defunct Emry’s Service Staff Employment Agency, who allegedly duped up to 500 job applicants into applying for bogus jobs in Britain and Canada . The man is Arnold Grospe, a former marketing director with Peya Travel, the company allegedly involved in the Christmas flight bookings fiasco. Neither suspect has been charged and both are required to report back to police early next month. Domestic helpers want 11 hours rest and for you to stop treating them like ‘slaves’ The most recent arrests came after Peya Travel owner Rhea Donna Boyce and her husband and Peya co-owner Peter Boyce were arrested and released on bail without formal charges being laid in December last year. Both cases are being investigated by the Hong Kong Island regional crime unit, but police did not answer questions seeking clarification over whether the two cases were separate or part of a single probe. Ylagan, who denies any wrongdoing and previously claimed she too was “duped”, was arrested in Western District on suspicion of “conspiracy to defraud” and “dealing with property known or believed to represent proceeds of an indictable offence” – otherwise known as money laundering. Grospe, who was also questioned and released in December last year, was arrested in Central on suspicion of “conspiracy to defraud”.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/hong-kong-law-and-crime/article/2150445/two-arrested-hong-kong-probe-widens

Enjoy Your Travels More With These Tips

If you've been feeling the financial pinch, you may be thinking of cutting vacations out of your budget to save money. Follow these tips if you are a money conscious traveler.

Don't bring any unnecessary valuables with you. Valuables attract attention and increase your risk of being a victim of theft.

Make sure you have all essential information in written form when traveling far afield. This includes the phone number, address and URL for the embassy or consulate in the nation where you are vacationing. If you run into any issues during your travels, these are the people you will need to immediately contact. They can help with any problems that arise.

Once you've chosen your destination, take the time to get to know more about where you're going. Purchase a decent map of the city or region where you plan to travel, and spend time looking over the environs, major sightseeing areas and museums. Becoming familiar with the environment ahead of time will make it easy to navigate once you get there.

Create a list of what to pack. Sometime well before your trip, at least a week or more, write down all of the items that you must pack. This way, even if you pack the day before you leave, it will be easier and you won't forget any essential items.

Research before booking anything. Read online reviews of places that you want to visit. Also inquire among friends and family to see if any have been before. This will help you decide if the location is right for you.

Check your alarm clock in your room after you arrive at your hotel. The alarm clock may be set to go off in the dead of the night or at the crack of dawn either due to the last guest's plans or as a prank. To get your vacation off on the right foot, be sure that the alarm is either turned off or set to the proper time.

Taking sleeping pills will help you get through a long flight. This can help you to sleep in a situation that many are uncomfortable in, on board an airplane. Try using a sleeping pill for going to sleep, so that you can have an easier flight. Don't take the medication before you go in case there are delays or problems with the plane.

When traveling, it is wise to consider possible emergencies that can occur, such as a lost passport. The US State Department is one place that can help you prepare ahead of time for traveling abroad. The US State Department website can put you in touch with the local US Consulate or Embassy in the area in which you are traveling. Write all of this information down and keep it handy during your trip. Most of the time, you're going to have the replacement passport in just a day, maybe two.

Bring travel candles with you when you are staying in a hotel. This can make your room smell a bit better. They can be relaxing, comforting and even romantic. There are small candles that do not drip wax.

Planning activities for the road can help alleviate the boredom of road trips. When you split up the boredom of a long drive with anything other than meal and restroom breaks, you add a little fun to the trip. Show your children the itinerary so they can pay attention to highlights on the route.

As was discussed in this article, due to the poor economy you might be wanting to put off going on vacation this year. Follow these tips to design a vacation you can afford.
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